VBOZ 15U Standard VW6X1506 Wall Mount Rack / Cabinet, 19″ (W600 x D600mm) (Made in Singapore)


We offer the innovative wall mount electronics enclosure server cabinet with designs and features to fit most applications. Whether in the office, data centers or warehouse, the wall mount enclosures fit onto any solid wall with a stunning look of professionalism , providing extra mounting space when floor space is limited.

All Server rack part manufactured in Singapore

Meeting the standards : 

– Internal dimensions to IEC 297-2 and DIN 41494 Part 1 with addition to DIN-IEC drilling in EIA standard.
– Protection to foreign bodies to IP20; DIN 40050 Part 1 & IEC 529.
– Durable construction with a 50 kg static load rating.



VBOZ Standard 15U VW6X1506 Wall Mount Rack / Cabinet / Enclosure, 19″ (W600 x D500 x H820mm)

Aluminum Extrusion Vertical Structure
Electro Galvanized Steel Body Frame

1 x Main Frame
1 x Top Frame (with cable entry access)
1 x Base Frame (with cable entry Access)
1 x Mounting Elements

1 x Front Door with cam Lock (Glass)
No Rear Door
2 x Side Panels with cam Lock (Quick-Release side latch)

No Castor Wheels
No Leveling Feet

1 x 6 Way Power Strip
2 x 4-inch Fan Unit
1 x 4-inch Vertical Cable Tray
1 x Fixed Equipment Shelf
20 x set of Cagenuts & Screws
4 x set Wall mounting Bolt and Nuts
4 x Top Bumper Guard
4 x Bottom Bumper Guard

Warranty: Five Years Limited warranty on Structure and body.
One Year Limited warranty on Electrical components.
Warranty is only applicable to Singapore only.

Rack is manufactured in Singapore under the brand of VBOZ.
VBOZ is a registered trademark of D-NEXUS.

Website : https://vboz.net/e-series-server-rack-cabinet/

Online Shop : https://www.rack.com.sg/shop

D-NEXUS Singapore Supplier for Server Rack, Network Cabinet, Patch Panel, Rack PDU, CAT5 and CAT6 Cable Module

6U 9U 12U 22U 32U 42U Server Rack Standard 19″ Rack mount, Wall mountable, APC UPS and Aten KVM solution

Additional information

Some electronic equipment such as data processing system, professional audio/video equipment, those used in telecommunications, require a lot of space due to the amount of parts and pieces that they comprise.

Server racks offer an excellent solution when it comes to find an optimal distribution, space saving and air cooling efficiency. A server rack is a structure consisting of vertical columns and horizontal shelves that form a frame. This frame works as main support for different kinds of digital systems with industrial mounting standard.

Server racks come in various types and dimensions, depending on the specific needs and the sizing of the equipment. In a particular way, the height and depth of the rack needs to be considered, since it indicates the amount of spaces that can be occupied by the equipment.

Server racks have their own measuring unit, which is associated to the height of the device that will be installed. Usually the letter �U� is used to differentiate the size of a server rack. Every Rack U size is equivalent to 44.45mm

We have various size of server racks with solid quanlity: 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 20U, 24U, 33U,37U, 42U,46U. Delivery to the ground or lift accessible level included.


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