VBOZ S Series Secure Server Rack Cabinets



Made in Singapore.

Keep your valuable Equipments and Servers in these safe and secure, high-density storage cabinets. Its internally secured side panels and top cover protects the cabinet from un-authorized access. Louvered doors fitted with wire mesh covering the ventilation slots are used to allow proper cooling at the same time protect from intruders taking advantage of un-protected holes to perform malicious acts.

Secured with the Abloy cam Lock based on the unique ABLOY detainer-disc mechanism offers optimum resistance to physical attack and picking. Further protected by a horizontal security cross bar with abloy padlock, its no wonder why burglars and thieves avoid breaking into the S-Series Server Cabinet.

$1,529.00 tax excl.

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- Equipment Mounting Compatibility : Our Server Cabinet, are configured to be compatible with most computer equipment including: Compaq, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Sun, and Intel.

- RU positions : marked and notched for easy alignment and placement of equipment
RU positions

- A4 Document Holder (1 inch depth): fixed at eye-level behind the front door to store documents and menus regarding rack equipment.
A4 Document Holder


Good ventilation :

- Louvered Front Door : provides ventilation at the same time, conceals equipment from unauthorized viewing

Louvered Front Door
(External View)
Louvered Front Door
(Close up External View)
Louvered Front Door
(Close up Internal View)

- Fan Mounted Louver Rear Door assist air circulation in racks with many equipments to maintain temperature levels
Fan Mounted Louver Rear Door
(External View)
Fan Mounted Louver Rear Door
(Internal View)


Security :

- Fitted with Abloy cam lock for added security
The operation of high-security ABLOYcam locks is based on the unique ABLOY detainer-disc mechanism.
ABLOY cam locks offer optimum resistance to physical attack and picking.

ABLOY padlocks have been the market leaders for decades. Independent test results have confirmed that ABLOY padlocks continue to operate smoothly after the toughest corrosion tests. They are therefore recommended as the best possible choice for unprotected use in severe conditions. Durable materials such as hardened boron steel provide effective protection against drilling, sawing, cutting, twisting or shimming.

Abloy cam lock
(External View)
Abloy cam lock
(Internal View)

- Horizontal security cross bar with abloy padlock.
Enhances physical security against unathorised access.
Abloy Padlock
Abloy Padlock with Key
Horizontal security cross bar
Security Bar & Padlock on Door

- Internal secured top cover with peforated ventilation holes.
The top is internally secured to prevent unauthorised acess to the equipments inside.
The ventilation holes allow for proper ventilation preventing internal equipment from overheating.
Internal secured top cover with peforated ventilation holes
(External View)


- Internal secured side panel
The side panel is secured internally to prevent access from the sides.

Internal secured side panel
Locked in postion by Screw and nut(Internal View)

- Floor mounting bar
To allow the cabinet to be mounted to the ground using bolt and nuts.
This will:
* Prevent un-authorized access from the bottom.
* Discourages theft of server cabinet/equipment as bolt fastenings are locked up inside the cabinet and not accessible to be released for malicious acts.
* Also protects the server cabinet from falling down and causing injury/damage.

Floor mounting bar
Cabinet Saftey:

- Copper Earth Bar (1000mm): Designed to mount either onto the vertical mounting angle or into the side of the cabinet these earth bars provide the ideal way of ensuring that all active equipment can be easily grounded.

* Promote personal safety and reduce fire hazards
* Enable telecom signaling with earth return
* Minimize equipment damage and service interruption
* Minimize radiated and conducted electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility
* Maximize tolerance to discharge of electrostatic energy and lightning interference

Copper Earth Bar (1000mm)

- Circuit breaker (40Amp): Automatically-operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit within the rack cabinet from damaging equipment caused by overload or short circuit.
Circuit breaker (40Amp)


Meeting the standards :
- Internal dimensions to IEC 297-2 and DIN 41494 Part 1 with addition to DIN-IEC drilling in EIA standard.
- Protection to foreign bodies to IP20; DIN 40050 Part 1 & IEC 529.
- Durable construction with a 500 kg static load rating.


Material Aluminum Extrusion Vertical Structure
Electro Galvanized Steel Body Frame
Main Frame 1 x Main Frame
Top Frame

1 x Top Frame (with cable entry access)
Internal secured top cover with peforated ventilation holes.

Base Frame
1 x Base Frame (with cable entry Access)
Mounting Elements
1 x Mounting Elements
Front Door
1 x Front Door with Abloy high-security lock and Security Bar (Louvered)
Rear Door
1 x Fan Mounted Rear Door (4 fan) with Abloy high-security lock and Security Bar (Louvered)
Side Panels
2 x Internal Secured side panel
Castor Wheels
Leveling Feet
Power Strip
1 x 12 Way Power Strip
1 x Circuit Breaker 40Amp
(See Rear Door for mounted Fans)
Vertical Cable Trays
1 x 4-inch Vertical Cable Tray
Equipment Shelf
3 x Equipment Shelf
Cagenuts & Screws
50 x set of Cagenuts & Screws


Warranty: Five Years Limited warranty on Structure and body.
One Year Limited warranty on Electrical components.
Warranty is only applicable to Singapore only.

Rack is manufactured in Singapore under the brand of VboZ.
VboZ is a registered trademark of D-NEXUS.

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  • Asked by Ong
    on 09/10/2019
    From your Circuit breaker (40A) picture shown, do you sell the plastic enclosure with cover separately? Please advsie the price. Thanks. Answer:
    Thank you for your time, We do not sell the plastic enclosure. This item belong to part of the accessories from the server rack.