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20U 600W x 500D mm 19 Inch Open Frame [Relay Racks]

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20U 600W x 500D mm 19 Inch Open Frame [Relay Racks]


  • Width : 19" or 24"
  • Height Options: 20U, 24U, 28U, 33U, 42U
  • Based Plate Depth: 500mm

A Relay Rack is a 2-post steel structure with universal (square) mounting holes. Relay Racks are also called 2-Post Racks or Open Bay Racks.

The vertical holes spacing on Relay Racks are standardized for mounting Telco, or computer / network equipment. Relay Racks can also mount cantilever shelving for other non-rack mountable equipment.

Applicable Standard:

  • Internal dimensions to IEC 297-2 and DIN 41494, Part 1 with addition to DIN-IEC drilling in EIA standard.
  • Load carrying capacity 300kg.

Delivery Comprises:

Open Frame Structure

  • 1 set top & base frame.
  • 1 set 19? standard side frame.
  • 30 sets cage nut & screw.

Relay Rack Benefits:

  • EIA Standard 19" Rack mounts most networking equipment
  • Easily Installable
  • No doors or panels to hinder air flow
  • Compact shipping size
  • Light Weight
  • Requires less real estate then a 4-Post Rack
  • Wide availability of Relay Rack Accessories - cable management products, cantilever shelves, power strips, etc.

When a 4-Post Rack should be considered over a 2-Post Relay Rack:

  • Security - a locked enclosure would be required
  • Stability - normally a 4-Post Rack has far more stability
  • Because of their weight or center of gravity, some equipment can not be safely mounted to a 2-post rack
  • Weight - 4-post racks can mount far more weight
  • Some equipment require front & rear mounting
  • Flooring may not allow bolting of a Relay Rack base

Open Frame [Relay Racks]Comprises (Comes with the Following)

30 sets

Cagenuts & Screws

Quality Steel Cage Nuts & Screws for Server Cabinet

Cagenuts & Screws

Additional Rackmount Accessories:

Equipment Shelf

Sometimes called a stationary or fixed rack shelf, a Equipment Shelf mounts to all 4 mounting rails of a 4-Post Server Rack / Electronic Enclosure. Due to its simplicity, Flat Shelves will often occupy less than 1U of rack space.

Tip : Choose the number of Equipment Shelf you need below

Equipment Shelf

Equipment Sliding Tray

Sliding Trays are useful for positioning non-rack mountable equipment in a server rack which needs frequent access (such as Keyboards).

Sliding Tray mount to all 4 mounting rails of a 4-post server rack

Tip : Choose the number of Equipment Sliding Tray you need below.

Equipment SlidingTray


  • Model: OpenFrame

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